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Are you sure you don't want to buy XDCC Catcher Pro?

XDCC Catcher Pro costs only 15 Euro and has a lot of features which aren't available in XDCC Catcher Basic, such as:

  • Request XDCC Lists (XDCC List request interface)

  • Bot score (number to compare bots)

  • Multiple network lists (for example, one for MP3, one for games, etc.)

  • Restore (backup) queues

  • Internal web browser

  • Search bar (search fast on XDCC search engines and in list of all packets)

  • Reconnect on disconnect

  • Free technical support

  • Advanced user guide (English)

  • and many more...

Please note that with XDCC Catcher Basic you can only connect to networks and join channels that allow XDCC Catcher. Please buy XDCC Catcher Pro to connect to every network and to join every channel.

Read more about XDCC Catcher Pro

Download BASIC versions

BETA Releases
 Version Released on
   2.6 BETA 1    Sunday, 30 December 2012    Download   
   2.5 BETA 4    Monday, 27 December 2010    Download   
 Version Released on    Monday, 14 December 2009    Download